SEGA April Fools

Dem Mofo’s at SEGA America don’t ever know when to give up. Damn man. I almost went blind last year and they still pull the same bullcrap this year! This year they made the text invisible! WTF is up with this hell?!?!?! I should stop buying SEGA games dude!

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Monkey Video of the Week

That is one crazy monkey! Is he dancing or something? Dude needs to chill out, play some Monkey Ball DX or something.

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The Weakly Five: The Five WORST Sonic Games… EVER!

Every true blue SEGA fan knows that SEGA IS SONIC and SONIC IS SEGA. You can’t have one without the other. What was I getting at? Oh yeah, there are some GREAT Sonic games out there. Sonic ’06, Heroes and Shadow the Hedgehog come to mind. However we’re not going to talk about those gems. Today we’re going to look at the five WORST Sonic games out there. Can you guess #1?
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Mystic Sharkys Weekly Horoscope!

I’ve been on the phone to the solar system and it has a LOT to say about you! Continue reading

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Hot Cosplay of the Week

We here at THE MAFIA love our hot cosplay! This week is a very sexy and hawt male cosplaying as a catboy! Click the image to yourself a bigger version.

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Weekly “WTF?!” Photo

This weeks “WTF?!” photo is truly a “What the F***?!” photo. Raise your hand if you’d have this done. No? Well this dude did! Guess he was a big Robotnick fan or something. Only tat I’d ever get would be a Halo logo on my forearm. Oh wait, I already had that done.

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The Top Two Best iPhone Apps

So I was kickin’ it with my boys last night and my boy Mikey gets to talking about his iPhone. He tells me he has a lot of sweet Apps on it, and so he lets me play with it while he and Cool Nick play some Call of Duty: Black Ops. Check out the top two apps for the iPhone that I was able to download before Mikey caught me. I paid him back in beer. That’s how we roll.
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Taste of the week!

It’s lemon grass.

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Welcome to THE MAFIA

I really didn’t want to spoil it but…I just couldn’t wait any longer. Everyone, SEGAbits is now under the management of the Jewish Mafia!

Under our wonderful new bosses, SEGAbits will be undergoing some wonderful changes we’re sure you’ll all appreciate. Continue reading

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