Review: Ghost Blade (Sega Dreamcast) – Totally Original Review

19925-1-1341444058 Hey guys! So a new Dreamcast game is out, and we’re here with our Totally Original Review! That’s right, we played the game (a new game for the Dreamcast?? WHAT IS THIS 1999?!?) and now we are here with our real thoughts on the game. Can’t wait to tell you all what we thought of this game we played.

It’s finally here! Hucast’s long-awaited vertical shmup has finally shipped, and represents another chapter in the Dreamcast’s long and distinguished career as a console that just will not die. Here, in 2015 is a brand new game, complete with a manual and a DVD-style case that would not look out of place nestled amongst the other hi-def indie gems in any current gen system’s library. But let’s not jump the gun (ghost?).

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