SEGA April Fools

Dem Mofo’s at SEGA America don’t ever know when to give up. Damn man. I almost went blind last year and they still pull the same bullcrap this year! This year they made the text invisible! WTF is up with this hell?!?!?! I should stop buying SEGA games dude!

Stupid ass company!!!

DAMN SEGA… slice slice!!! You’ll be getting a call from mah lawyers and doctor. He a rough man and you don’t wanna see him. He don’t take crap from puny companies. He accepts beer as payments.

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8 Responses to SEGA April Fools

  1. RubyEclipse says:

    Mannnn, why you gotta be hatin’ so?

    Dis’ color is what we at da SEGA HQ call “MAGIC RAINBOW”.

    Real talk.

    • Neko Babbo says:

      YOU DA ONE BEHIND DIS?!?!??! Maaaaan….

      • RubyEclipse says:

        Nawww, man, we all behind dis!

        We roll as a crew, you know ‘I’m sayin’? We like real OG Organized Crime, for reals.

        Just like a Kartel, or a Mafia, or sumfin. But I dunno, Kartel just sounds lame and cliche and stuff. So maybe we’ll roll with “The GANGSTAS.”

        Yeh. I like them caps – makes it all scary and important and stuff.

  2. -nSega54- says:

    no wai mannnnnnn!!!!!!!

    This rainbow colors thing gotta stop.

  3. Julian Master C says:

    Trust me, I have experience with these things and this number 1 in the top 5 best forum skins ever to be created.

  4. cube_b3 says:

    UnBelievable Maan, id feelz like we all be talking like Tom Hot Dog Man frum Sh3nmue.

    Me Wanz Sh3nmu3.

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