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Playstation 4 is the future of gaming.

Yo all you Sony nerds out there! You all hyped for the launch of Sony’s PS4? We sure as fuck are. Me, my girl Nikki (yeah, we hooked up), Toni, his girl LaQuare, and Mikey’s ashes are outside Best Buy … Continue reading

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Shit son! The Mafia killed a cartel

Yo bitches. Sorry for the spelling error in the headline. Meant to say “The Kartel”. Yup. They dead! Now they turned into some Indiana Jones fansite or some shit. “Loot”? What are they, pirates or some bizness? Pirates been dead … Continue reading

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100 reasons why SEGA and Sonic SUCK!

SEGA and Sonic suck. Simple fact. But what if your sittin in class n this asshole is like “yo, i was visiting sega fan sites last night n i found this sweet ass site called segabits”. Maaaan, you are filled … Continue reading

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Speakin out against SEGAbits

I don’t care if I’m burning any bridges with this post, but I gotta speak out about something SEGAbits has planned. Back on April 1, 2011, The Mafia took over SEGAbits. We let them do their thing, but they were … Continue reading

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Dog with a bag on his head – internet meme of 2013

Staind said it best: its been a while. But slice n dice, The Mafia is BACK! We got a random ass photo for you, but it’s funny as fuck. Dog has a bag on his head. You see that shit? … Continue reading

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Monkey Video of the Week

That is one crazy monkey! Is he dancing or something? Dude needs to chill out, play some Monkey Ball DX or something.

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The Weakly Five: The Five WORST Sonic Games… EVER!

Every true blue SEGA fan knows that SEGA IS SONIC and SONIC IS SEGA. You can’t have one without the other. What was I getting at? Oh yeah, there are some GREAT Sonic games out there. Sonic ’06, Heroes and … Continue reading

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Weekly “WTF?!” Photo

This weeks “WTF?!” photo is truly a “What the F***?!” photo. Raise your hand if you’d have this done. No? Well this dude did! Guess he was a big Robotnick fan or something. Only tat I’d ever get would be … Continue reading

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The Top Two Best iPhone Apps

So I was kickin’ it with my boys last night and my boy Mikey gets to talking about his iPhone. He tells me he has a lot of sweet Apps on it, and so he lets me play with it … Continue reading

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