Playstation 4 is the future of gaming.

Yo all you Sony nerds out there! You all hyped for the launch of Sony’s PS4? We sure as fuck are. Me, my girl Nikki (yeah, we hooked up), Toni, his girl LaQuare, and Mikey’s ashes are outside Best Buy waiting for the midnight release. We are so fucking PUMPED. On Friday, we’re plannin’ some MAD shit for the PS4 launch. We’re unboxing it, playin’ it for a week, reboxing it, returning it, getting a refund, and are buyin ourselves an Xbox One. Then we’re reboxin’ that, reselling it on Craig’s List, then buying a PS4 used at Gamestop. Stay tuned to The Mafia, as we geek out over the PS4 and bring you some exclusive content not found anywhere else. Yo, I gotta go, my Galaxy Note 2 is dyin’ and I need to take a piss. Peace.

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