100 reasons why SEGA and Sonic SUCK!

SEGA and Sonic suck. Simple fact. But what if your sittin in class n this asshole is like “yo, i was visiting sega fan sites last night n i found this sweet ass site called segabits”. Maaaan, you are filled with RAGE! You wanna rip his sega fanboy head clean off. But you can’t. You have three priors, you were on an episode of Cops last season (Stupid Criminals #4) and u wanna impress this girl named Nikki. Well we got you covered. Here is 100 reasons why SEGA n Sonic SUCK.

Yo, we might hate the segabitches at segabits, but we love sega. U a fool for thinkin we threw in our sega love cuz of some assholes who wanna partner (wtf?) with some code nerds over on some furry fan site. fuck segabits n sonicretro but sega rulez!

Well, sega used to rule when they made consoles. Where the fuck is shenmue 3??? Anyway, hit up our forums n talk about games n money n girls n shit. But stay away from Nikki!

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