Interview with the dragon from Panzer Dragoon

PanzerDragoonIntroHoly shit, so you guys ain’t gonna believe this but we got a BIG interview comin’ your way. No, we ain’t talkin’ to my bro Mikey (RIP), we’re talkin’ to THE dragon from Panzer Dragoon. You might best know Panzer Dragoon as that sweet mini-game on the Xbox game Orta. Yeah, believe it or not they had a retro version of Orta on the same disc! SEGA Does what… you know the rest. Anyway, let’s begin the interview.

The Mafia: Yo
Dragon: RAWR!
TM: You speak english bro?
D: Yeah.
TM: So what’s it like bein a dragon?
D: Fuckin’ tight as hell. Flyin’ and shit.
TM: Bitches ridin’ on your back?
D: Naw, tho I heard the Orta girl is pretty tight.
TM: Fuck dat.
D: I wish…
D: Heh, only kidding. RAWWWR!!!
TM: So what’s it like bein’ a dragon?
D: You asked that bro.
TM: Sorry.

HAHA! Awesome right? He totally talked to us, no foolin’! Alright bros, next week we get high with Big the fuckin’ CAT! ‘Til then, keep on gamin’ and keep on bangin’.

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