SEGA cancels Guillermo del Taco’s Sonic Booms game

kpis9r-21deltacolgAfter plenty of rumors, SEGA has officially announced that Sonic Booms — a video game collaboration between Sonic The Hedgehog mastermind Takashi Iizuka and fast food franchise owner Guillermo del Taco — has been cancelled. “SEGA is committed to new Sonic The Hedgehog titles,” the publisher told The Mafia, “however the embryonic Sonic Booms project developed with Guillermo del Taco and featuring the likeness of Del Taco spokesman Gregg Binkley will not be continued.”

The announcement comes soon after it was revealed that B.M., a free interactive teaser for the game, would be pulled from the Ouya store this coming Wednesday. Binkley, meanwhile, who was set to star in the game, tweeted yesterday that he was “super bummed” about the game’s then-rumored cancellation. Sonic Booms was first announced last August.

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