Speakin out against SEGAbits

I don’t care if I’m burning any bridges with this post, but I gotta speak out about something SEGAbits has planned. Back on April 1, 2011, The Mafia took over SEGAbits. We let them do their thing, but they were ours. Now they have something planned and we are pissed off. After all we’ve done for them they stab us Mafia bros in the back. Nobody stabs a Mafia member in the back. SLICE N DICE! You dig? We do the stabbing, they do the running. SEGAbits a-holes. Fuck, I’m glad Mikey is dead. If he heard this news he’d flip out, probably kill a few SEGAbits losers before turning the forklift on himself. RIP Mikey.

Anyway this is what SEGAbits is up to: [SEGAbits mod edit, removed materials and banned Nomad Borgata]

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