Free Swag: Giving away some rare stuff

Yo, check it. We are giving out some video game swag for free. I mean free free, not white man free. Check out what we be giving after you hit the continue reading button.

Gamer Coaster

Dogg, I’ll be honest, I don’t know if this is marketed toward gamers. But I got it from my grandma, che digg? I was visiting her over the weekend and shes like ‘take this coaster,’ so I have been using it while I game for the last 10 years.

This shit is tight, you put your Halo branded Mountain Dew on this bitch while you are having long World of Warcraft session, leaves your wood surfaces fucking pristine.

Plastic bit from shoe lace

This plastic bit from the shoe lace came from my Air Jordan shoes and you know how much they cost, bro. Not only that, they are Michael Jordan branded and that guy was in Space Jam! That is the greatest movie in cinematic history.

Now you can keep a bit of Jordan no matter where you go with this plastic tip from one of his shoe laces. Note: This plastic bit actually came from a pair of shoes I bought and not one of Jordan’s own shoes.

Half colored coloring book

Man, I don’t know about you dogg, but I love to color. I have like 8 color books, most of them I even stayed in the lines. Sometimes, after I come home from a party, I like to lay down and do crazy shit like color the sky red. Bitch, sky is not red in real life. That is some crazy Da Vinci shit right there.

The best thing about getting a half colored coloring book  is that half the work is done for you. Its like getting a Pokemon game and it already having a save file with some good Pokemon on them.


Dogg, all you have to do is comment below, we will give you rep. Once you get the message that you have rep, you can choose one of prizes. Note: rep is given to whoever the mods and writers want. Stand out or be shanked.


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