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s2-cnz-appearanceimg1The world of mobile casino gaming is a relatively new one but it’s definitely one that is really popular. According to Juniper Research report last year, the prediction is that by 2017, the global value of wagers placed on mobiles will total more than $100 billion. Whereas you used to have to download casino software onto your pc or laptop to play casino games at home, now all you need is an appropriate gaming app.

So why do so many people like to do their casino gaming while they’re on their smartphone? First, of course, is the convenience factor. You don’t have to be in a certain place, as you would with a pc. You might have five minutes to kill while waiting for an appointment or to meet a friend. Waiting time flies when you’re being entertained. The most popular casino games on the mobile tend to be the simplest ones, like slots, where as a player you don’t need quiet to concentrate. All you have to do is decide how much to bet per spin, so you can make that decision in a crowded commuter train or in a doctor’s waiting room, it makes no difference.

Of course, it’s long been a possibility to game on your phone, but playing for real cash adds an extra level of excitement to the games that you play. You never know, you could go for a night out but come home with more money than you went out with as you got lucky with a few games on the journey home!

For many people who enjoy cash gaming while they’re out and about, the fact that you can use place sports bets on the move as well is a real bonus. Companies like bet365 offer both facilities to their customers, with a mobile gaming app that includes all the casino favourites such as slots, blackjack and roulette and mobile access to their sports book, too. The best thing about mobile sports betting is that you can place live in-play bets wherever you are, which is great news for those times when you’re watching a match in the pub and want to have a quick punt on the final score, or you’re stuck on the way home and haven’t got your bets on yet for the evening’s match.

The apps are all designed to make us play on our mobiles more, of course, as companies try to capture the growing market. You’ll find that there are plenty of mobile-only promos and bonuses to take advantage of when you download a gaming app. The important thing to remember, as with any form of gambling, is that you should never play with money that you can’t afford to manage comfortably without. Set yourself a limit on how often and by how much you’ll top up your gambling account and don’t be tempted to break your own rules.

Anyway, if you have no cash left available to play and it’s not time for you to top up the account yet, you can always switch to some of the free gaming apps instead.

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